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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Child Custody > 5 Tips for a Smooth Summer after Your Divorce: How to Navigate the Upcoming Summer and Your Child Custody Order

5 Tips for a Smooth Summer after Your Divorce: How to Navigate the Upcoming Summer and Your Child Custody Order


With May already halfway gone, the summer of 2024 is fast approaching and soon schools will be out and children ready to enjoy the summer with sun, food, friends, activities, and, of course, family time. However, as fun as the summer may be for children and families alike, for newly divorced parents, summer can be a time of confusion and a little bit of stress when it comes to planning around child custody issues. To help newly divorced parents (and parents who have also been divorced for some time) better navigate the summer with child custody agreements and orders in place and with child custody schedules and parenting plans in full force, we provide 5 helpful tips from Psychology Today.

Tip #1: Newly Divorced? Start Your Summer Planning Early

The first thing that newly divorced parents should be aware of when it comes to summer planning is that children may need time to adjust and respond to a new summer schedule. Starting summer planning early can help this adjustment go more smoothly. According to Psychology Today, it is best if divorced parents can prepare for the summer early with open communication, so that expectations are set. In addition, reviewing child custody orders and agreements, and child custody schedules and parenting plans is a good idea to make sure that each parent is not missing any deadlines or going afoul of the established schedule.

Tip #2: Keep the Children’s Preferences in Mind

Getting a good handle on what children and teenagers want to do over the summer is key in preparing summer plans. Teens may have activities that aren’t suitable for younger children to participate in, and young children may need more supervision and structure than older children, advises Psychology Today.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Too Rigid when it Comes to Plans

When co-parenting children after a divorce, Psychology Today encourages parents to be flexible so that kids do not miss out on summer fun. However, of course, child custody agreements and order and parenting plans and schedules should be adhered to and followed.

Tip #4: Do Something Special this Summer

Summer is a time for fun and exploring, says Psychology Today, and parents should attempt to work fun and special activities into the parenting plan. Of course, special activities must fit into the parenting plan or schedule, so planning special activities in advance is key to a smooth summer.

Tip #5: Keep Communication Channels Open

Finally, keeping your ex informed and being in touch to discuss summer scheduling may seem challenging, but it is important for planning out a smooth summer while co-parenting as newly-divorced parents. A phone call, text, or email can be a simple way to avoid confusion and to ensure that everyone is following the plan or schedule as ordered.

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