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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Father Tells Daughter “You Helped Cause Our Divorce”, Chicago Tribune Advice Columnist Weighs In, Warns Against Child Abuse

Father Tells Daughter “You Helped Cause Our Divorce”, Chicago Tribune Advice Columnist Weighs In, Warns Against Child Abuse


An 18-year-old female wrote into the Chicago Tribune advice column Dear Abby with a shocking and, according to Dear Abby, “appalling” story about her parents’ divorce. “Teen of Divorce in California” wrote to Dear Abby to get advice about her parents’ divorce, and the resulting “dwindling” relationship that she has with her father. “Teen of Divorce in California”, who described herself as 18 years old and the youngest of three children born to parents who had been married for 36 years, wrote, “My father has always craved physical love and affection, whereas my mom is more like a cat who prefers separation and independence. Even with these differences, things used to be good between them. That was until Mom decided she wanted to stop having sex due to her age and no longer enjoying it. She also quit drinking, which he didn’t like.” The young teen went on to describe that, “My father was very upset with this and claimed it was abuse if she didn’t make love with him. Mom tried to keep the peace…but finally decided she could no longer do it. He moved on very quickly; my father is already with another woman, even though he and Mom aren’t divorced yet.” The unfortunate conclusion to “Teen of Divorce in California” came with a sickening twist, as the young woman asked Dear Abby, “I’ve always taken my mom’s side, but this has caused my relationship with Dad to dwindle significantly. He claims I am part of the reason the divorce is happening, since I ‘make her feel like what she’s doing is OK.’ Should I see his perspective as well?”

Dear Abby sounded alarmed when she responded to “Teen of Divorce in California.” Mincing no words, Dear Abby first admonished “Teen of Divorce in California’s” father, stating simply, “That your father has dragged you into the marital difficulties between him and your mother is appalling. I believe it is a form of child abuse.” Accordingly, Dear Abby seriously recommended a referral to a licensed professional for further help, advising, “The person whose perspective you should seek – and I am not saying this lightly – is a licensed psychotherapist, to discuss the entire matter. You are NOT the reason for your parents’ divorce. Their basic incompatibility and your father’s manipulative nature are the reasons.” Dear Abby then closed with, “Please talk to your doctor about a referral NOW.”

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