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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Child Custody > Utah Lawmakers Overhaul Child Custody Laws, Focus on ‘Risks to the Child’s’ Safety

Utah Lawmakers Overhaul Child Custody Laws, Focus on ‘Risks to the Child’s’ Safety


Utah lawmakers passed legislation that would overhaul child custody and family laws in the state, focusing on the risks to the child’s safety. According to local news reports, Utah mom Leah Moses had asked Utah lawmakers to make the changes after having experienced the horror of her ex-husband killing one of their teenage sons in a heated 14-year fight for custody of the couple’s two children. Moses had warned the court overseeing the couple’s custody battle that her ex-husband was abusive. However, even after pleading with the state legislature to change the state’s child custody laws to consider evidence of violence when making custody decisions, Moses’ 16-year-old son was, ultimately, shot by his father and killed. Moses’ ex-husband then killed himself with his gun. At the time, Moses’ ex-husband had been granted full custody of the teen.

On the heels of the death of her son, Moses returned to the Utah legislature one more time, pleading with lawmakers to strengthen child custody and family laws to focus more on child safety. This time, legislator’s heeded Moses’ call, and passed legislation that was signed into law by Utah Governor Spencer Cox in March. Among a variety of changes, the new law, importantly, will require courts to consider evidence of risks to a child’s safety when it comes to custody decisions. Under the former law, only evidence of violence could be considered by Utah courts when making child custody determinations.

As of the new laws, Leah Moses stated, “I wish it had been done for me, that these protections had been in place a year earlier…My personal hope is that no more children die as a result of being in custody cases – that decision makers recognize violence much sooner and give kids a chance.”

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