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At Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC, we understand that divorce marks the end of a relationship but also a new beginning. We are optimistic about your future and believe that you should be too. With our firm by your side, you’ll have the benefit of top-quality, skilled and talented lawyers capable of solving your issues outside of court wherever possible and representing you in court when necessary and in your best interests. Our creative problem solvers excel in representing executives and professionals and their partners through complex issues of property division and spousal support, along with a team of attorneys highly trained in settling custody disputes and looking out for the rights of parents and children. No matter your situation, our team is here to advise you, guide you and advocate for an effective resolution that meets your needs. If you are ready to make a decision regarding a divorce or other family law matter, or if you need to respond to an allegation or court filing made by another party, Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC is here for you. Call our experienced Chicago divorce lawyers today.

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A Comprehensive Family Law Practice Serving Chicago and the Surrounding Region

Our firm was founded when some of Chicago’s top leading family lawyers came together to establish a family law practice that offers guidance and support to help clients through difficult times while providing excellence in legal advice and representation to solve problems and obtain successful, meaningful results. Our comprehensive family law practice serves clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding region in all matters under the umbrella of Illinois family law.

Divorce & Legal Separation

Illinois family court judges will not grant a divorce until they are satisfied that all applicable issues related to property division, alimony/maintenance, child custody and child support have been adequately resolved. We make sure your rights are protected as we work to meet your needs and goals in these areas, whether through negotiation, mediation, collaborative practice, litigation, or appeals. Whether the divorce is uncontested or involves specialized areas such as pet custody, we have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to advise you appropriately and advocate for you effectively. Our Chicago divorce lawyers are here for you post-divorce as well if you have needs regarding modification or enforcement of court orders regarding custody or support.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

We negotiate, draft and review agreements that let couples decide for themselves how they want to approach matters such as the division of property or payment of support in the event of a future divorce. We’ll make sure that what matters most to you is protected while ensuring you’ll be properly taken care of and not taken advantage of if the relationship falls apart. Our skilled litigation team is ready to take on challenges to the enforcement of agreements as well.

Financial Support & Maintenance

Illinois law authorizes courts to order payments on a temporary or permanent basis to help former spouses transition to self-sufficiency or maintain the standard of living that was established in the marriage. We help parties establish or challenge need, ability to pay, and other factors that determine whether alimony should be ordered and if so, how much, for how long, and under what conditions, including when payments should be terminated.

Custody & Custodial Interference

We work to ensure both parents are able to play meaningful roles in their children’s lives, including custodial time and parenting responsibilities, so long as that custody is in the child’s best interests. When one parent is wrongfully interfering with the other’s custodial time or parenting, our attorneys are zealous advocates for parental rights.

High Net Worth Professionals and Individuals

Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC excels in representing professionals, athletes, executives and others in high net worth divorce cases. We engage experts as needed and offer our own wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to business valuations, asset tracing, investments and business interests, and issues specific to business owners and their spouses in a divorce. From asset dissipation to taxation and divorce issues, our attorneys are equipped with the skills to offer sound advice and professional representation.

Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Illinois law enables domestic violence victims to move swiftly for an order of protection to protect themselves and their children. Longer-term orders require adversarial hearings that can be challenged by the alleged abuser. Decisions made in an order of protection, and a history of domestic violence, can have major impacts in a divorce proceeding or child custody dispute. Our lawyers are in your corner to make sure your rights and safety are protected if you are experiencing threats of violence or being unfairly accused of abuse.

Parentage & Parenting Rights

If parentage isn’t established when a child is born, affirmative steps must be taken before a father can be held liable for child support or assert rights to custody and visitation. Our firm is here to assess your situation, explore your options, and find the swiftest and surest way to meet your needs.

Same-Sex Marriage & Civil Unions

Same-sex marital rights were recently recognized by the United States Supreme Court, but even more recent changes in the Court’s composition make those rights seem less certain than they did just a couple of years ago. If you are in a same-sex marriage or civil union, or if your relationship is coming to an end, we can advise you and represent you through complicated questions of child custody, property division, alimony/maintenance, and more.

Valuation & Division of Assets

Illinois law requires all marital property in a divorce to be equitably distributed. We start by making sure every asset (and debt) is properly characterized as marital or separate. Next, we move on toward ensuring every piece of property is accurately valued so a fair distribution can be achieved. Our firm is well-versed in the valuation of complicated financial assets and the factors involved in determining when an unequal distribution is more equitable than an equal one.

International Family Law / Hague Convention

Our attorneys have particular expertise in cases involving allegations of international child abduction. If you are relocating to another country with your custodial child or if you are the parent left behind, Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC has the answers to your questions and the experience needed to protect your rights and help you reach your goals.

Other Chicago Family Law Matters

In addition to the above, our firm stands ready to assist with any Illinois family law matter, including:

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Adoption
  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Same-Sex and Civil Unions
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Annulments

Contact Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC Today

For all your family law needs, look no further than Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC. Contact our experienced Chicago divorce lawyers today.

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“I can’t recommend him and his firm enough!”
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Alaina T.
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Molly Sharma was extremely skilled both in court and when negotiating. She explained things and was very responsive. She would ... read more

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Molly's strategic approach combined with her direct communication style and emotional intelligence were exactly what I needed to finalize a ... read more

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“I would 100% recommend them to anyone in need of legal counsel.”
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I had the pleasure of having Johnathan and his team serving as my attorneys since 2020. I could tell early ... read more

Jessica D.
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Matthew Arnoux is an experienced litigator who handles complex family law matters. Matthew litigates cases involving substantial estates and is skilled at examining forensic and accounting experts in cases involving the tracing and characterization of assets and the valuation of businesses. Matthew’s cases often involve the determination of spousal support. Matthew’s financial acumen is also important in the structuring of prenuptial agreements. ... read more

Divorce is a problem, not a death sentence. Jacalyn Birnbaum has an unusual, refreshing approach to the practice of family law – an approach shared by the members of her law firm, Birnbaum, Haddon, Gelfman and Arnoux, LLC. While each case presents inherent complications – financial, emotional, psychological and legal – it is Jackie’s mission and the mission of each member of the firm to help clients navigate these challenges to reach reasonable resolutions that open the door to the next chapter of their lives. ... read more

Stuart Gelfman is a skilled and experienced family law attorney. He has a strong emphasis on representing the interests of children in divorce matters, including child custody and visitation rights, child support and maintenance. He is on the court-appointed child representative lists for domestic relations courts in both Cook and Lake counties, where he has gained extensive experience as a child representative and a guardian ad litem in highly contentious child custody matters. ... read more

Molshree “Molly” A. Sharma is a savvy, accessible, aggressive and sensitive advocate for her clients facing the challenges of divorce and the work often arising after divorce. Her expertise is working with business owners, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, athletes and/or individuals of high net worth who are grappling with the complex financial implications of ending their marriage. She handles complicated family law matters that require high-level financial experience with assets in real estate, investment accounts, business valuations, tax and retirement benefits. ... read more

Angela Buttitta joined Birnbaum, Haddon, Gelfman & Arnoux, LLC in 2013 as a partner in the law firm’s main office in Chicago. In 2014, she opened a new branch office of the firm located in DuPage County. For more than 10 years, Angela has focused on family law and other related areas of law. Leading Lawyers, a division of Law Bulletin Media, has recognized Angela in the field of family law based on the results of its statewide surveys. The honor is reserved for fewer than 5 percent of Illinois attorneys. ... read more

Sam Cannizzaro joined Birnbaum, Haddon, Gelfman & Arnoux, LLC as a partner in April 2015. Sam goes out of his way to put his clients first, understanding the stress they are under while going through a family law matter. “I’m accessible to my clients at all hours. These are not 9-to-5 problems. When clients call me, I take the call without my staff ever asking, ‘Who’s calling?’” He finds his greatest satisfaction comes when he is able to benefit clients who didn’t think anyone could help them. In the initial interview with a client, Cannizzaro doesn’t take notes. ... read more

With more than 20 years of litigation experience, Geraldine W. Holt is a respected and recognized attorney in the city of Chicago. She graduated from Northern Illinois University Law School, where she received the coveted Book Award for ethics and professional responsibility — elements that are the foundation of her career. Attorney Holt’s passion for superior representation in the practice of complex family law matters; wills, trusts & estates; and probate law was the driving force behind Holt Law Group, LLC, a law firm founded by Attorney Holt. ... read more

A former social worker, Lisa K. Nelson has dedicated her career to advocating for children and families and her practice is solely geared toward divorce and other family law matters. A 1993 graduate of DePaul University College of Law, Lisa spent 25 years with the Cook County Office of the Public Guardian, where she represented children in child protection cases and in domestic relations matters. A strong advocate and skilled negotiator, Lisa’s focus is to ensure her client’s voices are heard in those matters that affect them most. ... read more

Elizabeth Reed entered the practice of family law in 2008 after 17 years as senior assistant DuPage County public defender, a position in which she worked passionately to protect the rights of the poor in criminal court. Respected not only for her courtroom talent and knowledge of the law, but also because of her deep empathy for her clients, Elizabeth’s family law practice emphasizes marital dissolutions, child custody and visitation, and a wide range of related issues. ... read more

Coming soon. ... read more

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