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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Chicago Same Sex & Civil Unions Lawyer

Chicago Same Sex & Civil Unions Lawyer

Illinois recognizes civil unions, even though they are not recognized under federal law. A civil union is defined as a legal relationship between two people of either the same or opposite sex. Those in a civil union are given the same legal obligations, protections, and benefits as those who are married in the state of Illinois.

However, civil unions are not as common nowadays, since the Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. While civil unions are still recognized in Illinois, many same-sex couples opt for marriage instead, as it offers more benefits.

Illinois legalized same-sex marriages in 2014, one year before the United States declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Like civil unions, those in a same-sex marriage are entitled to all of the same legal obligations, protections, and benefits that Illinois offers to married spouses of the opposite sex. Same-sex marriage is similar to civil unions except for one main difference. Partners in a same sex marriage are entitled to all of the same federal benefits that members of an opposite sex marriage enjoy. This means they can receive tax benefits or sponsor a spouse for immigration purposes.

However, you may be confused about your rights and responsibilities, particularly in a divorce. Maybe you’re concerned because you married in another state but are divorcing in Illinois. Seek legal help from a Chicago same sex & civil unions lawyer from Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC. Our leading lawyers are dedicated to your case and getting results in your favor. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Same-Sex Adoptions

The processes for divorces are typically the same for same-sex couples as they are for heterosexual couples. However, one major difference is the adoption process. Same-sex adoption has been legal in the United States since 2017. However, it often comes with complications such as sperm and egg donations as well as surrogacy. While heterosexual couples may have these issues, they’re not as common.

In same-sex couples, it’s possible that neither person is the biological parent or it’s possible that one person is parent. Both cannot be parents, so it’s important that the non-biological parent obtains legal parenthood through adoption. Otherwise, if something happens to the biological parent, the child will not have rights to any benefits. For a same-sex couple, these can only be acquired through adoption.

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Marriage is a right that all couples have in Illinois, whether they are of the opposite sex or same sex. However, the divorce process can be a bit complicated, especially if there are children involved.

Whether you want to dissolve a civil union or a same-sex marriage, the team at Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC can help. We can answer your questions and guide you toward a positive resolution. Fill out the online form or call (312) 863-2800 to speak to a Chicago family law attorney.

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