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Fan Article Reveals High Cost Of Athlete Divorces


There is no doubt that Americans across the country treat American athletes like royalty. Some of our country’s greatest heroes and inspirational figures gained their notoriety on the field or court, becoming household names by winning games for our favorite teams or medals for the U.S. It can also be said that athletes make up a pool of some of America’s most desirable bachelors and bachelorettes. With traditional good looks, athletic prowess, smarts, confidence and, last but not least, a high net worth, athletes are among the most prized dating candidates in the dating scene. However, just like any average couple, when athletes split from their spouses, they might find themselves fighting the battle of their lives – the divorce process. A special consideration underlying most athlete divorces is that athletes are typically high net earners, and there may be highly valuable assets in the marriage. An online fan magazine details some of the most notable and expensive high net worth athlete divorces, helping to paint a picture of what the outcome of a high net worth divorce looks like.

Reported High Net Worth Athlete Divorce Outcomes

According to the fan article, one of the most high-profile athlete divorces in recent history is that of boxing legend Mike Tyson and his wife, who was a model. The couple were married only one year before divorcing in the late 1980s. Ultimately, while full details of the outcome of the divorce are not publicly available, Mr. Tyson is said to have expended approximately $10 million in the divorce process.

Another high-profile athlete divorce of recent years is that of Shaquille O’Neal. Mr. O’Neal and his wife, Shaunie, divorced in 2011. Although the exact amount of the divorce has not been reported, sources indicate that Mr. O’Neal pays his ex-wife $10,000 per month in spousal maintenance payments, and another $10,000 per month to each of his four children. The total amount at issue in the O’Neal divorce is reported to have been around $400 million dollars.

Finally, although the exact amount paid out in each divorce is not reported, both Evander Holyfield and Arnold Schwarzenegger were also involved in high net worth and high-profile divorces with a considerable fortune at issue. According to the article, in Mr. Schwarzenegger’s divorce, approximately $400 million was at issue, and in the case of Mr. Holyfield, $90 million was at stake.

Legal Help with Your High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorces are rarely a walk in the park. The large amount of assets at issue often complicates and prolongs divorce proceedings, and high emotions often lead to disputes. If you are involved in a high net worth divorce, or you are seeking to divorce your spouse and there are valuable assets in the marriage, you will want an experienced Chicago high net worth divorce lawyer on your side. An experienced high net worth divorce lawyer can look at the full picture and determine the best legal strategy to preserve your wealth and assets. If you need help with your high net worth divorce in the Chicago area, contact the experienced high net worth lawyers at Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC, today for a consultation today to learn your rights and to see if they can help.

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