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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Family Law Hague Convention > Woman Reunited With Daughter After Over Two Decades, Child Fell Victim To Parental Kidnapping

Woman Reunited With Daughter After Over Two Decades, Child Fell Victim To Parental Kidnapping


Nearly three decades ago, in 1995, a Texas mother experienced what is likely to be the most horrific event of her life – her 20-month-old daughter, Bianca Lozano, was abducted by her ex-husband. According to local news reports, Deana Hebert saw her daughter for the last time when her ex-husband, the child’s biological father, picked her up for a court-ordered weekend visit, and never returned. Ms. Hebert had filed for divorce from her husband, Juan Lozano just the previous summer, citing that he had, unfortunately, become violent and abusive during their marriage. Says Hebert of her relationship with her ex-husband, “It started our name calling and picking fights and it escalated, got physical some…I didn’t think he would hurt Bianca but he told me he would kill me.” As a result of the divorce proceedings, Ms. Hebert was granted child custody of Bianca, and Mr. Lozano was, ultimately, granted unsupervised visitations with the child.

According to the report, Ms. Hebert had a sneaking suspicion that her ex-husband had intentions to kidnap and abscond with their daughter. In April, 1995, that exact scenario happened when Mr. Lozano never returned Bianca to Ms. Hebert after their weekend visit, and, instead, headed to Mexico. Although Bianca was located by a retired Houston Police Department detective in early 2021, legalities prevented Ms. Hebert from her and authorities from contacting Bianca. It was later in August, 2021, that Ms. Hebert was finally able to see her daughter for the first time after 26 years. Authorities were able to detain Mr. Lozano because he used a false I.D., and Ms. Hebert met her daughter at the Mexican police station. Unfortunately, Bianca had been told by Mr. Lozano that Ms. Hebert had passed away, and so much time had passed that she had trouble remembering her mother. After the several-hour visit, Bianca has not had much contact with her mother. Ms. Hebert believes that Bianca is still living under Mr. Lozano’s control. Ms. Lozano has not been arrested, and would have to cross the border into the United States in order to be placed under arrest.

Ms. Hebert is now working with authorities to change the laws that made tracking down and contacting her daughter so difficult. Specifically, she is championing the bill coined “Bianca’s Law” that would eliminate the statute of limitations on laws regarding interfering with a child custody order.

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