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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Family Law Hague Convention > American Father Desperately Walks Miles on Treadmill in Seoul to Highlight International Child Abduction of his Two Children to South Korea

American Father Desperately Walks Miles on Treadmill in Seoul to Highlight International Child Abduction of his Two Children to South Korea


If you travel to the bustling capital city of Seoul, South Korea, you may be met with a surprising scene. An American father has been stationing himself in various locations throughout the city with a treadmill and a sign highlighting the harrowing ordeal of trying to get his two young children back from their mother. For John Sichi, of San Francisco, his endless walks on the treadmill symbolize his experience navigating and struggling through South Korea’s legal system, which feels to him like “walking but going nowhere.” Says Sichi of his demonstrations highlighting the battle of a father who has gone through the ringer to assert his rights, “The general reaction from people who see the protest is usually curiosity, and then once they understand the situation by reading the flyers and checking the website via QR code, or talking to me or my interpreter, a lot of sympathy…People who stop and talk often have a lot of questions about the situation, such as why the police or other government officials aren’t helping…sometimes they share their own frustrations with government failures. They have also offered me lots of useful advice….”

A “Cooling Off” Visit During Marriage Struggles

John Sichi reports that his children were taken by their mother, his wife, at the time that the couple and the children were living in San Francisco. While the couple was experiencing marital issues, Sichi’s wife took the two children to visit family in South Korea for a “cooling off visit.” However, that temporary visit to blow off steam turned into a nightmare for Sichi, as Sichi’s wife and the children never returned to San Francisco. Despite several trips to South Korea to reconcile with her, John’s wife has continued to live in South Korea with the children and refuses to let them see their father. In August, 2020, Sichi took the case through the California Court system, and a determination was made in his favor. However, despite the court orders to return the children to San Francisco, Sichi’s wife has refused to bring them back to their father. Sichi says that he has finally been able to obtain an address for his children and their mother, due to efforts by the U.S. State Department and the South Korea Ministry of Justice. His fight for his children is ongoing.

Help for Chicago Parents Fighting to Get Their Children Back from Overseas

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