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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Legal Separation > Divorcing Couple Remains Living Together Due to Tough Housing Market

Divorcing Couple Remains Living Together Due to Tough Housing Market


Most divorcing couples in Chicago probably would faint at the thought of living with their ex-spouse after deciding to get a divorce. However, high prices and high inflation have hit and with the housing market pricing many Chicago residents and people around the country out of homes, some couples may be re-thinking living together during a pending divorce until they can find stable footing and stable housing. Such is the case for an Arizona couple who is being highlighted for their decision to live together after deciding to legally part ways and end their marriage.

Arizona Couple Remains Together, but Separate

According to Arizona local news reports, former couple Michael and Danielle Tantone made the decision to get divorced all the way back in August of this year, but decided to live together for several months, even though they were separated. Danielle Tantone says of the decision, “Two months went by and…we still shared a bed and still you know ate dinner together, ran our lives together, even though we were kind of just side by side and not quite the same, but not quite separate either.”

The article regarding the couple’s decision to stay notes that the Tantones bought their Mesa, Arizona house in 2022 for $582,000. It states that, although the Tantones realized that their relationship had gone south and they needed to separate for the sake of their relationship, financially they could not immediately move out and find separate housing. One of the reasons for the decision is that, due to the market, the Tantones’ home is now worth less than when they first bought it. As for renting it out to make a little money on the side while finding other, more permanent housing, Danielle Tantone notes, in regards to renting, “Once we started looking, we realized that neither one of us could afford the house on our own and still have a rental payment…even renting would be difficult.” However, in the end, after two months of the separated-but-living-together arrangement, Danielle was able to move out of the home. As for how the couple remained together while separated, the couple stated that “the reason they were able to remain living together is because they remained amicable,” and they advised other separating-but-living together couples to try to do the same.

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