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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > “Irreconcilable Differences”– 3 Formerly-Married Individuals Share Exactly What “Ruined Their Marriages”

“Irreconcilable Differences”– 3 Formerly-Married Individuals Share Exactly What “Ruined Their Marriages”


Let’s face it: there are virtually an endless number of reasons that couples decide to ultimately divorce. From gambling, money wasting, and financial irresponsibility to cheating, lying, and abuse, there are a number of issues that a couple may experience in their marriage that result in the deterioration of marital vows. However, while we are all aware that there are a number of reasons that couples part ways, we do not often get real-life insight into just why they actually split. To help Chicago individuals better understand what “straw breaks the camel’s back” and leads to a divorce, we provide these 3 examples from Women’s Health Magazine.


32-year-old Trisha wrote into Women’s Health with a story about cheating. Wrote Trisha, “About six years into my marriage, I found out my husband was cheating on me when I walked in on him with one of our neighbors. We had been married for a good chunk of time, but I had no choice but to file for divorce that same week.” Unfortunately, cheating is an age-old problem that crops up in marriages and is often a marriage-ender.

Money Problems

29-year-old Carla H. noted that her marriage ended due to the couple’s financial problems. “The only thing we ever talked about toward the end of our marriage was how we didn’t have enough money for anything we wanted,” stated Carla H. “We drove ourselves into misery and just both decided this wasn’t the life we wanted to live. We decided to go our separate ways after two years of marriage and two years of dating.” There is no doubt that money can separate a couple, and destroy a marriage.

Differences when it Comes to Children

Whether or not to have kids can also be a deal-breaker for many married couples. Mary J., a 28-year-old divorcee wrote to Women’s Health, “One thing I wish I did before I even said yes to get married to this person was talk about serious topics like having kids and how we would raise the kids meaning what values and religious beliefs we’d instill in them.” She went on to add, “I admit that I missed up by not having this conversation with him beforehand so that I knew he was so against having kids. Having kids was something I wanted enough that it made me realize I need to get out of this marriage.”

Help for Divorcing Individuals in Chicago

No matter what the reason may be, if you are interested in getting a divorce in Chicago, it is always best to learn about your rights and options first by speaking with an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer. An experienced Chicago divorce lawyer will listen to the unique facts of your divorce case to see if they can help represent you in your Chicago divorce. Contact the experienced Chicago divorce lawyers at Birnbaum Gelfman Sharma & Arnoux, LLC and speak to an experienced lawyer about your rights, options, and next steps confidentially today.

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