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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > “Platonic Life Partners” after Divorce? The Arrangement Some Americans are Opting for Post-Divorce

“Platonic Life Partners” after Divorce? The Arrangement Some Americans are Opting for Post-Divorce


A pair of Maryland moms is making headlines this week because of their entry into a growing trend in life and relationship arrangements in the U.S.: the platonic life partnership. This living and relationship arrangement is growing in popularity in the United States, particularly among solo parents who are looking for an arrangement with a partner where they can find support, friendship, and companionship, but without all the strings attached, frills and gimmicks of a romantic relationship. But what exactly does a platonic life partnership after divorce entail and what does the living and lifestyle arrangement look like? To help Chicagoans better understand this growing lifestyle trend, we discuss those questions here.

The “Momune”: Managing Children and Enjoying Each Other’s Company

According to WECB, Emerson College Radio News, Maryland friends and moms Holly Harper and Herrin Hooper were longtime friends before they decided to embark on a platonic life partnership together. After divorcing, the pair of moms purchased an $835,000 family home during the pandemic, affectionately naming it “The Mermaid House.” Harper and Hooper may live in what is referred to as a “Momune”, a living arrangement that was trending prior to the pandemic, referring to single mothers living communally together. Joining forces allows single parents to share the responsibilities and the joys of parenthood, all while being supported by a friend, partner, and companion. This helps to balance the burden and benefits of homeownership and the responsibilities and joys of parenting, and allows Harper and Hooper’s children to enjoy a family home and safe space to grow.

Finally, many may wonder “Why “The Mermaid House”?” According to WECB, the name is derived from the mermaids of Greek myths, and is meant to symbolize the “strength and mystique” of the Momune these platonic life partners have created. Hooper and Harper, and “The Mermaid House” serve as a great example of the new and creative ways of living single parents have created in order to best serve their families after divorce.

Help with Your Divorce in Chicago

Figuring out what to do and how to live after ending a marriage can be a daunting task, especially after a difficult divorce. It is important for Chicago parents to understand that there is support in Chicago for parents who are going through the divorce or separation process, and who are fighting for the custody of their children. No one should have to go through the Chicago divorce process alone, and no one should have to fight for their rights without an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer on their side.

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