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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Illinois Sees Increase Of Divorces During COVID-19 Pandemic

Illinois Sees Increase Of Divorces During COVID-19 Pandemic


Even the strongest of couples were subject to marital pressures and stresses during the COVID-19 pandemic. As workers transitioned from work in the office to work-from-home, schedules collided and space in the home became limited as couples were forced to make the home into their offices. In addition to the stresses and frustrations of working and living together, many couples also faced financial stresses and pressures from loss of work, the mental stress of the pandemic situation, and other related stressors such as raising children at home and supporting online schooling. In sum, the pandemic presented a very trying time for many couples, and divorce rates in some states, including Illinois, increased during the pandemic period.

In fact, Illinois is one of  at least eight states that saw an increase in divorces during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to one study, at the end of 2020, divorces in Illinois had increased by 41.9%. Mississippi was the state with the second highest increase in divorces during the pandemic at 30.1%. The other states that saw increases in divorces in 2020 were Utah, Arizona, Alabama, Michigan, Washington, and Nebraska.

Despite Increase in Divorces in Illinois and Other States, Divorces Overall Decreased in U.S. During COVID-19 Pandemic

Interestingly, despite the fact eight states saw increases in divorces during the pandemic, divorces in the United States overall fell by 12%. According to the study, the two states with the lowest divorce rates during the pandemic in 2020 were Louisiana and Maryland. Louisiana’s divorce rate decline was 56.5%, while Maryland’s was 43.3%. In addition to the data on divorces, the study tends to show that the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the number of marriages that occurred in 2020. The study projected that there would be 1.9 million marriages in the United States in 2020. However, only 1.6 million marriages actually took place in the United States during the pandemic in 2020, which represents a 12% decline in marriages overall. Overall, the numbers tend to indicate that more divorces took place during the pandemic than anticipated, and, correspondingly, there were also fewer marriages.

Navigating a Divorce in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic

With many offices and courts were forced to operate virtually, the family law system seemed a particularly daunting place for many people interested in learning about and advocating for their family law rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even during non-pandemic times, when a person is interested in potentially seeking advice about a divorce, it can seem like a lonely road, and it’s hard to know who to call or reach out to for legal help. The family lawyers at Birnbaum, Gelfman, Sharma & Arnoux provide a-confidential consultation to learn your side of the story and help you navigate your legal rights and options. If you are thinking about a potential divorce or other family law matter, contact us today by phone or email to set up your consultation with one of our experienced Chicago divorce attorneys who represent clients across the state in various dissolution and parentage actions




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