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Spring Ushers in More than just Tax Season, Popular Season for Couples to Divorce


As temperatures warm up and the blossoms begin to bloom, the air of spring brings new beginnings, exciting futures, and a time of transition for many Chicago residents. Indeed, the season of “new beginnings” may seem like a time for couples to proclaim their love for each other once again, renew their vows, or think of adding a new member to the family. However, the truth of the matter is that even though spring may feel like a season for couples to recommit, it is actually a time when many couples split. In a recent article in Psychology Today, researchers explain why spring is a time for not just filing your annual tax return, but also a time when many couples finally decide to call it quits and initiate divorce proceedings. But why is the spring tax season a time for many couples to divorce? To help Chicago couples better understand some of the common reasons that married couples divorce in the spring, we provide those answers here.

Spring: Far Enough away from the Winter Holidays to Start New Beginnings

One of the reasons that many couples and individuals decide to end their marriages in spring is to avoid getting a divorce during the hectic and festive winter holiday season. Indeed, many individuals and couples think about divorce long before they actually file, and find strategic times to initiate dissolution of marriage proceedings. In addition to spring, there is a spike in divorces that also occurs in August. Researchers believe that this spike is due to couples deciding to delay divorce proceedings until after summer vacation is finished, and family vacations are over.

Festive Cheer Turns to Financial Strain

Financial stress of the holidays is another common reason that couples decide to divorce in the spring. The strain and drain of the winter holidays may amplify many of the pre-existing financial stressors within a couple, and may tack on even more. Another strategic financial reason for couples to divorce in spring is tax treatment itself. According to Psychology Today, “For practical reasons, many couples postpone divorce proceedings until after the New Year, so they can keep taxes for the preceding year simple.”

Spring brings New Life and New Energy into the Air

Finally, another common reason that couples and individuals divorce in the spring is simply that it feels like a time for new beginnings. As Psychology Today notes, “As the calendar turns to March and daylight savings time begins, many people experience increased energy and motivation. As they feel better, they may feel inspired to create change, which may involve ending a relationship, moving to a new city, or making a career shift.”

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