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These Two Examples Show the Happier, Lighter Side of Divorce


While divorce is no longer as “taboo” as it was in the past, some people may still associate the ending of a marriage as a sad event, a time to mourn, and a big loss. However, the truth of the matter is that in recent years, divorce has become more accepted, with some divorcees even celebrating their divorces as they did on their wedding day. To highlight the happier, lighter side of the divorce process, in the article “Happiness after Divorce”, SELF magazine gathered testimonials from several women and men who experienced divorce in a different way than most – happy. To help Chicago couples and individuals seeking a divorce better understand that life after divorce can be a joyful one, we share two of those unique stories here.

Divorce Helped One Woman Advance Her Career Like Never Before

SELF magazine reader “Ana M.” wrote to the magazine with a story about her career journey. Ana M. had been stifled by problems in her marriage and was forced to close down the business that she started while she was pregnant due to the marital friction. Divorce afforded her a new lease on life, and on her career. Ana M. said of life after divorce, “Divorce wasn’t something I wanted to do. He was my everything, and it took me two years to finally wrap my head around the idea of leaving. But oh my God, this experience changed me. It unlocked things I never knew I could do, like dealing with confrontation in a healthy way and living in the present…Now, I’ve added another business to my roster. I feel so free—which I always wanted while I was married—and now I’m unstoppable. Divorce is necessary sometimes. I’d rather be single and figure out co-parenting than yelling and receiving nasty stares. For me, this is a new beginning, a new chapter.”

Divorce Helped One Man Gain Confidence and Independence from Others

“Todd W.” had another take on life after divorce to share with SELF. Fearful of losing his son in the divorce, but stuck with a wife who was constantly cheating on him, Todd W. finally pulled the plug on the marriage and never looked back. Todd W. said of his divorce experience, “During the divorce, I learned through counseling that I was (and am) enough. I also learned that I have to do things to make myself happy and not rely on others to provide that for me. So, I gradually became more positive. I started meditating, which helped with my anxiety and calmed my mind. I grew more self-confident, too, and overall just discovered the ‘me’ that I always wanted to be but completely lost in my marriage. There’s a new life waiting for you on the other side of divorce—I’m living proof of that. In fact, I wouldn’t change a thing that I went through to get to this point of peace and happiness.”

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