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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Child Custody > Man Sought Out Hitman to Kill Mother of Children in Heated Child Custody Battle

Man Sought Out Hitman to Kill Mother of Children in Heated Child Custody Battle


Perhaps nothing demonstrates the old saying that “sometimes fact is stranger than fiction” than the recent news story of a man who plotted to kill the mother of his children in a heated and intense child custody battle spanning several state borders. According to local news reports, The Sacramento Bee, father and lawyer Allen Gessen, a 49-year-old man from Massachusetts, now faces a 10-year federal prison sentence in connection with a plot to kill the mother of his children. According to investigators, the murder-for-hire plot all started when Gessen wanted custody of his two young children, but his ex-partner, their mother, was “in the way”. Gessen is believed to have first tried to have his ex-partner illegally deported from the United States in order to gain full control of the children, but when that failed, he searched for a more gruesome and permanent solution. Gessen is said to have sought out individuals to carry out the killing and, at some point, was introduced to an undercover FBI agent on or around the year 2022, in connection with a separate investigation involving Gessen and money laundering charges. Gessen unknowingly arranged a plot to kill his wife with the undercover FBI agents, ultimately wiring them a total of $23,000 to carry out the job.

In the end, Gessen was convicted by a federal jury of the crime of murder for hire. Prosecutors noted the cold and callous way that Gessen initiated the hit, without any regard for his children or their mother, stating that Gessen was “dismissive of the fact that his two young children, aged three and eight at that time, would be motherless as they grew up,” and that “He wanted her out of his life because she also loved her children and fought him for custody.”

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