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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Are You Having Trouble Coping with Life after Your Chicago Divorce? 3 Tips for Moving on From Divorce that May Help

Are You Having Trouble Coping with Life after Your Chicago Divorce? 3 Tips for Moving on From Divorce that May Help


While for many Chicago individuals going through the Chicago divorce process is challenging and emotionally fatiguing, for others life after the divorce process is over is an even more daunting battle. With the family unit separated and new beginnings on the horizon, the aftermath of divorce can be both an exciting time for new change, and also a time of mourning the marriage, grieving the loss of a romantic relationship, and stress over what comes next. Recognizing that many former brides and grooms who have now moved on and started anew, an unlikely resource, Brides magazine, delves into a helpful discussion about how recently-divorced individuals might find ways to move on from their ex and their former marriage. To assist recent-divorcees in Chicago with coping with life after divorce, we provide those helpful tips here.

Tip #1 for Coping with Life after Divorce: Seek Professional Help

The first tip that Brides advises to move on after divorce is to seek out the help of a professional or join a group for those who are coping with the aftermath of divorce. Marriage and family therapist Brittany Jenkins, M.A., LMFT says of seeking out social connections and communities after divorce, “Getting involved and connected to a community that cares about you is another wonderful resource: sports teams, hobby groups, community volunteering, spiritual and religious communities, etc…There’s a void that happens at the end of a marriage, and it’s best filled with love and connection.”

Tip #2 for Coping with Life after Divorce: Take Care of Yourself

Investing in and prioritizing self-care is another tip that Brides experts believe can help recent divorcees get past the grief of their divorce. Jenkins says of engaging in self-care activities as a way to cope, “Journal, read self-help books, meditate, do yoga, get plenty of sunshine, and tap into what new dreams and interests you’d like to pursue with the new space created in your life…the next chapter is unwritten, but you hold the pen and the colors, so you can create a colorful new you and exciting adventures if you trust the process and grow from the experience.”

Tip #3 for Coping with Life after Divorce: Give Yourself Time and Space

Finally, the experts at Brides encourage those who are recently divorced to simply give themselves the time and space that they need to move on from their divorce. Jenkins notes, “People have to learn healthy coping skills for their anger and pain and allow themselves to process the end of the relationship in safe spaces…while it’s important to learn valuable lessons from relationships that end, it’s important to allow yourself grace.”

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