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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Costs In A Dissolution Proceeding: How Much Will My Chicago Divorce Cost?

Costs In A Dissolution Proceeding: How Much Will My Chicago Divorce Cost?


It’s no secret that one of the most common concerns when a person or couple initiates the divorce process is: how much will my divorce cost? Of course, like most things in law, the answer is not clear-cut and simple, and depends on a variety of different factors that pertain to each individual and unique case. However, certain categories of costs are common in Chicago divorces. Those basic types of costs are important for individuals involved in divorce proceedings or potentially seeking to divorce to be aware of and understand.

General Rule: The More Complex, the More Expensive

As a general rule, at the outset, it’s important for people seeking a divorce or currently involved in divorce proceedings to understand that the more complex the divorce is, the more expensive it will ultimately become. This is because in complex divorces, more time will likely have to be spent and there is much more “process” to go through. Highly contentious divorces have a variety of issues that must be ironed out and additional costs may be incurred, in court costs, attorneys’ fees, and other costs of the litigation.

Cost #1: Court Costs in Chicago Divorces

The first cost to be aware of in divorce proceedings is court costs. Typically, courts charge an initial filing fee and may also charge fees for things like service of process (if the filing party opts to have your divorce petition served by a sheriff through the court), transcripts, and other costs that may come up over the course of the proceedings. Although, typically, these costs are not the most expensive part of the divorce process, they are assessed in every case. Typically, if a party to a divorce proceeding has a lawyer, the lawyer will cover court costs upfront for their client, and will invoice the client through their regular billing procedures.

Cost #2: Mediation in Chicago Divorces

Mediation is sometimes utilized in divorce cases to bring the parties together in a confidential and professional, yet informal, setting to see if they can iron out issues between them. It is essentially a day-long negotiation session overseen by a neutral mediator. Though not all divorces involve mediation, it can be very helpful and, perhaps, cost-saving in the end. An experienced Chicago divorce lawyer can advise as to whether mediation makes sense in a particular case and how much it might cost.

Cost #3: Attorneys’ Fees in Chicago Divorces

It can be extremely beneficial to have an experienced Chicago divorce attorney by one’s side during divorce proceedings. An experienced Chicago divorce attorney may ultimately save their client money in a divorce case by weeding out the issues, skillfully knowing how to navigate the process, and the most efficient and cost-saving way to deal with the divorce process.

The Bottom Line on Divorce Case Costs

Although it may seem costly initially, the best way that a person can save money during their divorce, particularly if it is contested and controversial, is to team up with an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer who can advise on the best cost-saving measures for the case. The experienced Chicago divorce lawyers at Birnbaum, Gelfman, Sharma & Arnoux offer a confidential consultation to discuss your particular divorce case. Contact us today for your consultation to see if we can help.

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