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Initiating A Chicago Divorce: Divorce Lawyer Selection And First Steps


Let’s face it: it can be hard to ask others for help. However, there are some matters that come up in a person’s life that simply cannot be handled alone. One of those situations arises when a person seeks to get a divorce. Because family law is complex and involves legal rights of each party that will likely significantly change their lives and the lives of their children, it is important for those seeking a divorce to know their rights and options. The best resource for a person seeking to initiate a Chicago divorce to turn to when they need help is an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer.

Selecting a Chicago Divorce Lawyer

At the outset, a person seeking the assistance of a Chicago divorce lawyer will need to select which law firm to reach out to. At first this may seem like a daunting task when internet search results return dozens of results, but there are some considerations that may help a person seeking a divorce select the right divorce lawyer for them. Those considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • The experience and skill of the divorce lawyer or law firm;
  • The location of the lawyer or law firm;
  • Whether the divorce lawyer has any specific experience that fits the particular case, such as with pets in a divorce;
  • The reputation of the divorce lawyer based on reviews and/or word of mouth; and
  • The fee arrangement and cost of the divorce lawyer’s services.

It’s helpful to thoroughly check out a Chicago divorce lawyer or law firm’s website to learn more about the practice, lawyers, and how to book an initial consultation.

Preparing for Your Initial Consultation with a Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Once a person seeking a divorce selects a divorce lawyer to reach out to, the next step is to book an initial consultation. Consultations may be scheduled in person or over the phone, but either way the person seeking the divorce, called the “potential client”, can expect to have a meeting with the lawyer that will include an exchange of information from both the lawyer and potential client. The divorce lawyer will ask the potential client questions about their case to learn their side of the story and to appraise the legal issues. The divorce lawyer will then provide the potential client with information about the law, the process, and their rights and options. Sometimes a divorce lawyer will also discuss the fee arrangement in the initial call. Importantly, all initial consultations are confidential under the ethical rules that govern lawyers and their potential clients, so a person seeking a divorce can be rest assured that they are in safe hands and can speak candidly about their divorce case.

Get in Touch with the Chicago Divorce Lawyers at Birnbaum, Gelfman, Sharma & Arnoux Today

If you need assistance with your Chicago divorce, or you would like to just speak to an experienced Chicago divorce lawyer about potentially filing a divorce, the experienced Chicago divorce lawyers at Birnbaum, Gelfman, Sharma & Arnoux are here to help. Contact the offices of Birnbaum, Gelfman, Sharma & Arnoux today to get your confidential consultation started and speak to a lawyer today.

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