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Chicago Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Recently-Divorced Tennessee Man Celebrates Divorce by Firing Shots with Gun, Arrested

Recently-Divorced Tennessee Man Celebrates Divorce by Firing Shots with Gun, Arrested


There is no doubt that going through the divorce process can be a very difficult challenge. From the initial pain and grief of separating from what was previously a romantic partner, or perhaps the love of one’s life, the division of properties and personal items, figuring out where the kids should live, and preparing for life after divorce all can present a number of hurdles to many Chicago divorcees. Indeed, divorce proceedings can take time, energy, and money, and many recently-divorced individuals may feel that it is time to celebrate when they finally receive a divorce decree, finalizing the end of the marriage.

One such recently-divorced Tennessee man decided to celebrate the end of his marriage in a bold and extreme way, a way that, ultimately, landed him in hot water. According to local Tennessee news reports, last week, 26-year-old Juan Jose Vasquez, also known as Craig Jose Miller, was arrested and hit with more than a dozen charges right after the finalization of his divorce from his wife. Miller was said to have been seen by multiple individuals firing a gun in different directions on the Commerce Street and Rep. John Lewis Way North street corner in Nashville. Officers responded to the gunshots and arrived on the scene to find Miller sitting on the corner with a friend. Miller informed law enforcement officers that he had just divorced his wife, and fired a total of eight gunshots “as a celebration for regaining my freedom.”

Miller’s gunshots in celebration of his recent divorce led officers to find out that Miller may have even had more sinister plans. During Miller’s arrest for firing the gunshots, police were alerted that Miller had bomb making supplies in his backpack. Officers closed the scene by establishing a perimeter, and, while the backpack was deemed “safe”, officers did find what was believed to be items stolen from break-ins at a parking garage located nearby in Miller’s backpack. Miller is said to have been combative with officers during his arrest, and reportedly even told officers that he was going to kill them. Miller was booked and charged on Monday morning, April 1. Miller’s charges include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft, drug possession, assault of a police officer, and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. Miller’s story serves as an example of how emotional and heated the divorce process can be for any person in any state.

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